The folks over at Yotpo shared their benchmark report on the ecommerce industry recently – based on 65 million orders and two billion dollars in transactions across 120,000 ecommerce stores.

Here are a few things that were revealed.

Which traffic channels bring quality, engaged traffic?

Average seconds on site per visit
The surprising traffic channel winner is Instagram and the surprising traffic channel losers in terms of average time on site per visit are Pinterest and Facebook.

Which traffic sources bring in more mobile or non-mobile page views?

Mobile vs. non-mobile pageviews
While Instagram drives nearly 100% mobile page views, LinkedIn drives nearly 100% non-mobile page views. Surprising is that YouTube is driven heavily by non-mobile users.

How much are returning shoppers worth?

Returning Shoppers Value

Based on this data it makes sense to invest in returning shoppers. A few suggestions for ecommerce stores to earn more returning shoppers:

  • Reduce the average time to respond to email inquiries
  • Over time watch the average products per order
  • Watch the average order value
  • Watch the average cost per order
  • Determine the lifetime value of a customer

How do star ratings impact sales?

Star ratings and product sales
Products with a high number of stars in the rating tend to have a higher purchase volume. This isn’t surprising since most people consider ratings and reviews to be on par with the recommendation of a friend. So what can you do to gain more good ratings and reviews from your customers?

  • Consider PowerReviews
  • Consider Yotpo
  • Learn what your shopping cart platform has to offer and get something going ASAP

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Tom Shivers
Tom Shivers

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