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Google Ads For Lead Generation

Google's machine learning ads (formerly Adwords) present the best performing ad combination to your ideal prospect, the machine learning PPC service. And with four different bid strategies to choose from, it's easy to get business leads from Google and focus on delivering results.

Microsoft Advertising Pay Per Click Management

Microsoft's ad network tends to bring a higher conversion rate than Google Ads, so don't overlook it just because search volume isn't as high. Advertise on Bing with Microsoft Advertising.

Retargeting Ads

Follow up with qualified prospects who leave your site and have not engaged yet. Target prospects who fit the profile of your ideal prospect and have not yet been to your site.

Track Results With KPI Reporting

Key performance indicators tell us and you whether you are doing better or worse each month. Plus, KPIs guide us to optimize your pay per click ad campaigns.

Most of my phone calls are from really good contacts… perfect, I should say. In fact, all of the calls this week came from really good potential buyers. Yesterday, I received a call from a female scientist who is going to South America to study bats (yes, bats)…


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