Ecommerce Shopping Cart Abandonment & Checkout Analysis

Find out why customers are abandoning your shopping cart (free service for clients)

Reduce abandoned carts, improve checkout usability and close more orders that enter the shopping cart

  • We analyze your checkout user experience across six checkout usability categories
  • We score your checkout user experience according to 134 guidelines
  • The 134 guidelines came from usability reviews of 6000+ checkout elements on 50 leading ecommerce sites
  • Home Depot, Staples, HP, Walmart, Crutchfield, Target, Best Buy, Sears, Cabela's, Apple, Costco, Dell, Amazon and 37 more

Score My Checkout

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Cart Conversion Optimization Frequently Asked Questions

What ecommerce stores does this work well for?

If your store is transacting multiple orders per month and your checkout completion rate is average (30%) or less, you can benefit from this analysis. What are the 10 most important changes you can make to your checkout process?

How much will this cost?

This service is free to all of our ecommerce clients and re-visited periodically until cart abandonment rates are as low as possible. There is a one-time fee if you aren't yet a client.

What else does this come with?

    • A consultation revealing the top issues that cause shoppers to abandon and how to correct them
    • Action items along with the full analysis of your cart checkout user experience


I could just research this on Google, can't I?

Yes, of course you can do your own research; Amazon, Walmart and Target each spend millions per year on user experience research.

We will analyze your cart checkout user experience by looking at details in your checkout compared to each guideline and score your checkout accordingly.

Where did the guidelines come from?

The guidelines came from usability reviews of 50 leading ecommerce sites, including Amazon, Walmart, Target, and 47 more.

Do I make the changes to my checkout or do you?

Your cart checkout must be modifiable, not necessarily by you, but perhaps by a coder or webmaster. Yes, we can make changes to your checkout if granted access.


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