Technical SEO Audit

Most business websites suffer from technical issues that prevent it from capturing all the traffic it could.

Our Content Isn't Being Indexed By Google

If Google can't crawl pages of your site, then neither can Google rank those pages so relevant traffic can flow to them.

Our Content That Is Indexed Doesn't Rank Well For The Keywords We're After

Perhaps your web pages have been optimized for relevant keywords, but they still do not rank well likely due to technical issues.

Our Content Isn't Ranking As High As It Could

You may not realize why your web pages don't rank as high as they could until a SEO audit is completed and reveals the specific technical issues to correct.

Most businesses don't know what problems Google has with their website. The technical SEO evaluation is the best place to start.

It reveals the main problems that prevent your site from ranking well

It prioritizes the solution with a plan of attack

You will see new opportunities to get results (not just keyword opportunities)

You will receive a written document outlining the analysis of your site and a consultation to go over it, answer questions and help you formulate your plan of attack.

Michael Kukol

Tom is extremely brilliant in his knowledge of SEO and thorough in his work. Over the years competitors would be upset with us and ask how we got such great organic listings…. it was all because of Tom. I highly recommend Tom for your SEO work. He is as good as they come!

Michael Kukol Horizon Landscape Company

What are You Waiting For?

Find out the technical issues that prevent your site from receiving all the traffic it can.

Technical SEO Consultation

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