Content Marketing Strategy

With strategy, content marketing can fuel SEO and capture the attention of your ideal prospect.

Research Your Ideal Customer

We discover what content excites them and solves their problems, learn who influences them in the buyer's journey and identify keywords they use to satisfy their cravings.


Identify Gaps In The Buyer's Journey

We analyze your content to find the gaps in your marketing funnel and sort out where each piece of content fits within the buyer's journey.

How About Some Options

We provide you with a number of options to choose from to fill your marketing funnel along with implementation requirements. When you decide which options and assets you want, we bring them to life!

Content Distribution

Distribute your content to your ideal prospects through owned channels, social media and/or paid channels. Btw, if your biz does not engage in content distribution in a strategic way, then why are you producing content?

John Dillard

If you are looking to promote your business I recommend you contact Tom Shivers as he was both professional and successful in helping me expand my presence on the world wide web.

John Dillard His CPA, P.A.

What are You Waiting For?

Engaged prospects are warmed to your offer because they have received value from you.

Content Marketing Consultation

Schedule a call with our content marketing specialist.

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