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Optimizing content for search engines and ideal prospects

You may be doing well in Google Ads, but your site still isn’t on the 1st page of Google organically for your important keywords while many of your competitors are there.

Or, your site dropped in ranking for a number of prime keywords resulting in fewer ecommerce sales.

We find a way to get your site ranked high for your competitive, money keywords.


We've observed that sites not ranked on the first page of Google miss out for a number of common reasons. We evaluate your site to identify the exact cause of the problem and then put together a plan to correct it.

Our approach tracks key performance indicators in order to prioritize opportunities and make changes that are laser focused on bringing in sales.

Ecommerce stores and lead generation sites become competitive and easily found by new prospects so that revenue can take off.

Let's turn your site around so it performs.

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SEO specializations we have years of experience providing

Ecommerce SEO

Revenue-based SEO is specifically for ecommerce stores who want more revenue from organic search. We've defined it, teach it and execute it for scores of clients and the results speak for themselves. Ask about our case studies.

Technical SEO

Find the main problems that prevent your site from ranking well along with a prioritized plan of attack. Your eyes will be opened to new opportunities that get results (not just keyword opportunities).

Content Marketing

We've outlined and implemented numerous content marketing strategies designed to fit a business, target audience and marketing team.

Reputation Marketing

Our customer reviews platform is deadly effective; it makes the process of acquiring reviews easy and a seamless part of your normal customer interactions and the best part: positive customer reviews come flowing in.

Local SEO

Gain top rankings in the organic search engine listings for a city or region.

SEO Consulting

Identify the strategy that best fits your business, target audience(s) and how you are positioned in the marketplace now.

"Tom has helped us in our SEO efforts to get more traffic from the search engines and to convert more of that traffic into sales. He also helped us in our video production and distribution as well as building up our subscriber list. Tom is very easy to work with and takes time to explain what he is doing"

Joe Nichols
A&M Equipment Sales

What are You Waiting For?

Let's identify the SEO strategy that best fits your business.

SEO Consultation

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We value your privacy and would never spam you


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