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We create lead gen and ecommerce marketing systems that bring more and more results with the same strategy and investment

        • Our first client’s revenue nearly doubled in 90 days
        • Another client’s organic traffic went up 290% in 9 months
        • All ecommerce clients have achieved record high conversion rates and organic traffic
        • In my years of providing SEO and digital marketing services, I’ve worked with 139 clients

Know Your Ideal Prospect

Focus on those who grow your business. 

Glean from your best customers

Simplify marketing

Sharpen results

Engage Your Ideal Prospect

Prepare content that satisfies prospects and is easy to share. 

Build up an audience of prospects

Demonstrate the power of your solution

Distribute content to reach even more

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Avoid waste by prioritizing resources on promising tasks to achieve your goal

Understand the buyer’s journey.

Track KPIs that alert you to problems and opportunities

Optimize productive traffic channels and landing pages

Double Your Conversion Rate

Watch your users’ natural actions to craft the design and content that captures the best results. 

Plug up holes in the buyer’s journey

Guide them to discover the credibility of your business

Unveil what makes your business unique

Client Recommendations

Paul Johnson Paul Johnson, Displayit

Tom has been a great strategic partner, and delivers value month after month.

Joe Nichols Joe Nichols, A&M Equipment Sales

Tom has helped us in our SEO efforts to get more traffic from the search engines and to convert more of that traffic into sales... very easy to work with and takes time to explain what he is doing

Michael Kukol Michael Kukol, Horizon Landscape Company

Over the years competitors would be upset with us and ask how we got such great organic listings.... it was all because of Tom. I highly recommend Tom for your SEO work.

Emory Rowland Emory Rowland, Leverable

Tom has proven to be a valuable resource to me both informally and professionally. He knows his way around ecommerce SEO quite well.

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