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Good ecommerce marketing is about high return on investment

Enter your numbers and % change to learn which KPIs to focus on to take your ecommerce store to your goal.

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Conversion Rate
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Use this ecommerce ROI and forecast calculator by entering: 

  1. The 5 key performance indicators (KPIs) for the month (quarter or year). 
  2. Adjust the KPI % Change across each KPI until you see what needs to change to reach the revenue goal you intend to achieve in the next period. 

Yes, there are many KPIs to watch, but these typically reveal the path to maximum revenue for ecommerce stores. When the first four KPIs (traffic, conversion rate, sales per customer and average order value) together increase at a higher rate than the cost, your ecommerce store is profitable and growing. 

Want a pleasant surprise? I challenge you to enter a 10% KPI Change for each KPI and watch the projected profit and ROI increase. It may surprise you that small, incremental changes across each KPI can together have a large impact on revenue. The effort involved to increase each KPI by 10% is usually minimal. 

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