Guide to Ecommerce SEO Success

How to maximize revenue with Revenue-based SEO Secrets

Ecommerce SEO strategy and training

Revenue is King!

Learn how to focus SEO efforts on revenue.

Prioritize SEO tasks that bring in revenue

Identify revenue generating keywords, then optimize category and product pages for them and increase click-through rates from Google.

Prioritize landing pages based on revenue and lead generation

Learn 5 ways to engage buyers on landing pages, setup navigation and linking for SEO and usability.

Beat average shopping cart abandonment rates

If your store is transacting multiple orders per month and your checkout completion rate is average (30%) or less, you can do better.

Full Course Contents

Here's a break-down of Revenue-based SEO Secrets.

  • Learn the ecommerce KPIs to track
  • Prioritize SEO tasks that generate revenue
  • Learn how to deal with Google's (not provided) issue
  • How to prioritize revenue keywords
  • Prioritize landing pages based on revenue and lead generation
  • How to create content that engages buyers
  • Beat average shopping cart abandonment rates
  • Tools to forecast ecommerce growth
  • Access to ecommerce SEO and conversion resources
  • 23 short-n-sweet videos to setup and run revenue-based SEO

Get Started with Revenue-based SEO Secrets

  • Done for you ecommerce KPI tracker tool
  • Forecast your ecommerce growth tool
  • Access to 5 additional tools (worth $65) for Free
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