Nov 27 2012

Yes, You Can Outrank

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Ever feel like you’re up against the “big boys” when trying to get your product pages ranked?

Matt Cutts answers the question: Why do pages tend to rank well for product queries?

Most people who read this blog are way beyond setting up their website and product pages and I don’t think Steve K (the guy who asked this question), really needed Matt to tell him to setup a home page for his book or product.

But here are a few things Matt didn’t say for whatever reason:

Amazon isn’t doing link building because they don’t have to

Amazon has approximately 240 million web pages indexed at Google and they capitalize on it with useful navigation and links on category and product pages. If that weren’t enough they have plenty of affiliate links pointing at specific product pages and they have massive brand name recognition i.e. they get mentioned and linked to from all types of news and blog sites simply because everyone has heard of Amazon. If Amazon ever wanted more links, they could simply pull a publicity stunt of some kind and the blogosphere would light up with links.

Amazon isn’t that hard to beat for specific products

When huge sites like Amazon outrank other relevant sites and pages, it usually means those sites haven’t done much to start ranking for their keyword.

People assume that a big brand like Amazon has deeper pockets and able to outspend small businesses, but why give up before trying? Huge sites like Amazon, who sell thousands of products, are usually focused on their own products because they make a higher margin. They also have hundreds of other priorities rather than monitor rankings for specific product pages.

Obviously you want a few quality links pointing at your product pages, but you also need to build authority or brand name links as well. These brand name links tell search engines that your site is credible and an authority and they are usually the name of your business linked to your domain name. You can never have too many authority links, but you can definitely have too few.

One way to build up more brand name links is to do a product launch or run a contest on your site or blog. And I don’t mean running contests like this on facebook, otherwise, bloggers and fans will send their people to your facebook page rather than your website to get in on the contest.

Don’t think that Amazon and other huge product sites are automatically “blessed” by Google and get top rankings for their product pages. Take the fight to them and more than likely you will win!

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4 Responses to “Yes, You Can Outrank”

  1. Heather Stone says:

    Great sound advice, Tom. I find this post pretty inspiring actually. I’ve never been in favor of knuckling under to the big guy. After all, what small business would exist without bucking the establishment every now and then?
    Heather Stone recently posted..When Networking is a Waste of Time – The Small Business PlaybookMy Profile

  2. Tom Shivers says:

    Thanks Heather, here’s to bucking the establishment!
    Tom Shivers recently posted..Top Problem For Businesses New To SEO: ConversionMy Profile

  3. Dorothy says:

    Yeah. It’s possible to outrank Amazon 🙂 I have done this several times, especially with specific product like Product name + version + country. These are pretty easy long tail keyword.
    Dorothy recently posted..BonusPress Review – What To Expect For This ProductMy Profile

  4. Rudd says:

    Awesome video by Matt Cutts. Definitely, you can beat Amazon for specific products, that’s why thousands of bloggers join their affiliate program and promote them through their website. This is where SEO is very important to your site.
    Rudd recently posted..Import and Export WordPress MenuMy Profile