An interview with Sherry Hyle of Concept Hub

Considering all the social networks available today, LinkedIn isn’t usually at the top of the list. Should LinkedIn be at the top of the list for certain businesses and individuals?

Many people look at the popularity of Facebook and decide that because it has such a large membership means it should be the primary social network  to focus their marketing efforts. But people are not on Facebook necessarily for business networking or to make B2B purchases. Most people on Facebook are there to connect with family and friends. My experience with Facebook is that not even my business connections want to talk shop on Facebook. Instead, Facebook is a place where we get to know each other personally. Linkedin has always been the business network, and with the most recent changes they made it easier to connect with brands and increase our business opportunities.

How are businesses using LinkedIn?

Linkedin was originally created for individual professionals and businesses who were successful were so because they empowered and encouraged their team members to leverage Linkedin as a business communications platform. The new features within the company pages now puts more power in the has of the brand. LinkedIn is similar to Facebook Pages; brands are using Linkedin pages to showcase products, offer specials, get feedback, and recruit, but within a network where people want to communicate about business as opposed to be distracted by the latest movie reviews or political debates.

How have the recent changes at LinkedIn made it easier to connect with brands and find business opportunities?

Company pages now show incredible statistics and people on the move that is aggregated from the member profiles. You can see the make up of the company, the career path of the employees and get notified when people change titles, new hires are made or people depart. Of course accuracy of this information is dependent on members keeping their Linkedin profile up to date.  At the same time brands can now use  the pages to communicate to their followers.

In the podcast Sherry explains in more detail:

  • Why LinkedIn is the best social media network for intelligence gathering
  • The difference between a Facebook page and a LinkedIn company page
  • How to use LinkedIn to gain followers
  • A good model on how to use a LinkedIn company page

Tom Shivers
Tom Shivers

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    • Martin E

      Great post. I’ve been itching for a chance to get into advertising in LinkedIn.

    • Keith Moore

      I have been thinking of getting involved with Linkedin so thanks for the pointers. the only problem i have, as i’m sure many do, is the time involved in keeping up to date with all the social and general internet marketing when you already have a full day of work to do on your business

    • Vulkanizer

      LinkedIn is a must have for business network, even better than facebook. after reading quick guide everthing will be cristal clear!

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