Many businesses get into Internet marketing like this:

  1. Design or upgrade the website.
  2. Google Adwords, social media and/or SEO.
  3. Ask what the target market thinks.

It's a ready/fire/aim approach to Internet marketing that wastes time and resources. But there is a better way:

  1. Know the target audience.
  2. Design the site and develop content to tap into the target market's motivations, following SEO and PPC best practices at each step along the way.
  3. Test the site by letting your users' natural actions help you craft the design and content that gets the best results.
  4. Continue testing to gain optimal ROI from all traffic sources.

...update your approach to website optimization

Organic SEO

Gain higher search engine rank

When it comes to search engine optimization, have you been promised the moon? It's no secret that some marketers are less than truthful in their claims. You won't get that from Capture Commerce.

We' ll tell you in plain, understandable terms:

  • How your website is currently doing in the organic search rankings
  • What Capture Commerce will do to improve those rankings
  • When you can expect to see results from our efforts

Along the way, we'll explain as much or as little as you want to know about what we're doing and how our organic SEO expertise will increase your rankings until your site is top ranked in Google. (It's not a lot of hocus-pocus, as some would lead you to believe.) And your invoice won't come as a complete shock, because we tell you right up front what to expect in terms of time and investment.

“Do SEO right the first time and momentum builds; start off wrong and you may have to redo it, not to mention the lost time involved.”

- Tom Shivers, President

Capture Commerce delivers real results for business websites. That means solid, qualified leads, online product sales and brand name awareness for your business. We put in place tools and analytics to monitor the traffic our marketing drives to your site, allowing us to continue increasing (optimizing) your most-wanted responses and delivering results.

In a nutshell, Capture Commerce tells you what we're going to do, does it, and then explains what we've done. It's that simple. And that effective. Sounds like good business practices, doesn't it?

Conversion rate optimization

Convert your web traffic into more business by creating an excellent customer experience

How effective is your site at converting visitors to customers? Is your site delivering too many unqualified leads just not getting the business you expect from your site? Perhaps it's time for a conversion rate optimization expert to review your site, diagnose the real problem and prescribe the remedy.

Pay-per-click management

Advertise on search engines and web properties

Give us just three months and we'll give you a paid search campaign optimized to deliver maximum results. Beware: your website will be changed and tuned to your online audience.

Local search marketing

Local search engine marketing is vital for businesses who know their prospects are using the search engines to find their products or service within a given area.

SEO Consulting

Have a specific Internet marketing issue? We consult on many issues, including:

  • SEO Site Review: Troubleshooting ranking problems
  • Website migration: Maintain top rankings when transitioning to the new design
  • Search engine reputation management: Keeping your reputation in top form
  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) for business
  • Paid search management: When immediate traffic is paramount
  • A/B and multivariate testing: Honing a message until it resonates with your audience/s
  • Link-building: Multiple strategies to achieve business goals
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SEO Case Studies

See real proof to the value of our work.

Our Results Speak For Themselves

Revenue-based SEO

How to identify Ecommerce SEO opportunities

How To Identify & Prioritize Ecommerce SEO Opportunities To Generate Revenue