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seo case study We have confidential case studies if you ask nicely. Have a look at some of our clients for real proof to the value of our work!

Private MD Labs - Medical Services

Private MD Lab Services offers medical lab tests and blood testing services directly to the public, selling hundreds of blood tests for almost every condition imaginable.

The company's goal: To sell more blood tests to individuals wanting STD testing, as well as other specific blood tests. Capture Commerce began working with Private MD in 2008 to provide paid search consulting, conversion rate optimization and SEO.

Our strategy to accomplish this goal involved paid search consulting on an as-needed basis, conversion rate optimization for specific landing pages and search engine optimization for the entire site.

One of the many goals we "nailed" included increased organic search rank and traffic for competitive search terms by 319%

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Powerenz - Online Retailer

Powerenz provides portable solar power systems for applications specific to disparate groups, from military personnel to adventure seekers to the environmentally conscious.

As a startup business, Powerenz wanted its website to generate product leads and sales efficiently. They came to Capture Commerce in 2007 for help with pay-per-click management and search engine optimization.

We took over management of the Google Adwords and other PPC campaigns, revamping each with better-performing keywords, ads and landing pages. At the same time, we began implementing the SEO campaign, targeting many of the same keywords in the pay-per-click campaigns.

About 3 months into the campaign, the owner, sent an e-mail:

“ Most of my phone calls are from really good contacts... perfect, I should say. In fact, all of the calls this week came from really good potential buyers. Yesterday, I received a call from a female scientist who is going to South America to study bats (yes, bats)... ”

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Eagle Vending - Metro Atlanta Internet Marketing

After years of success with Bellsouth Yellow Pages and advertising, Eagle Vending started losing business to a competitor who used search engine marketing. The company's goal was to generate qualified leads from the search engines. To achieve the goal of generating good leads, Eagle Vending needed to reach prospective organizations (businesses, schools, etc.) in the Atlanta area.

Capture Commerce put together both short-term and long-term plans to effectively realize these goals using paid search, SEO and conversion strategy.

According to the owner, Capture Commerce's efforts have resulted in more leads and new stops on their Atlanta routes - more than filling the gap left when they discontinued Bellsouth Yellow Pages and advertising.

Metro Wheels - Automotive Industry

Metro Wheels has a wheel/rim repair facility that processes hundreds of damaged wheels every day. They also sell new and used alloy wheels across the southeastern United States.

The Challenge: After 16 years in business, Metro Wheels wanted to use its website to generate leads. They came to us in 2005 for help with search engine optimization after becoming frustrated by higher and higher pay-per-click prices each month. The company's goal was to gain top rankings in the natural search engine results for the keywords from their pay-per-click campaign, which were some of the most competitive search terms in the auto industry.

The Campaign: First, we targeted less competitive keywords to gain quick top rankings and increase traffic to the site. At the same time, we also targeted the very competitive keywords that everyone else in the automotive industry was after.

The Results: Terry, who manages e-mail requests from Metro Wheels' website, said that in January '06, they went from very little response to an average of 30 e-mails daily, which yield 10-12 wheel parts sales of $50 each, and they service 7-10 wheel repairs each week from out of state, averaging $120 each as a result of the e-mails. “The Internet has completely turned us around; we should have done this 3 years ago,” he concluded.

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International School of Skin & Nailcare - Professional Training Industry

This esthetician and nail technician school trains and graduates people every month from their accredited education programs. They came to us to target prospective students from not only the United States but around the world. I asked the school director how our search engine optimization service improved their site's lead generation efforts, he immediately responded "1000% increase!" He went on to say that every two or three months they are featured in magazines, newspapers or somewhere as a result of being at the top of all the search engines.

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