Build Positive Customer Reviews To Improve Your Online Reputation

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If you had plenty of good customer reviews that prospects could see in all the right places, would it improve your business?

Consumers know how easy it is to find a company with lots of positive ratings and reviews or to avoid one who has negative reviews... just Google the service or product you want and add "reviews."


"Our phone leads have increased dramatically"

"I have tried multiple web designers and SEO firms in the past and nobody has been able to produce the results for me that your company has. You have been easy to work with and extremely cooperative helping us to create a web design when we really were undecided which direction to go. Because of your company our phone leads have increased dramatically and our presence on Google search is much better than ever before. Again thanks for the help. We plan on a long term continued relationship."
Terry Williams, President, Crescent Hills Water

88% of consumers say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations (BrightLocal Study 2014).

Most businesses have great products or services along with all the support a customer would expect, but after a customer is satisfied, their first thought usually isn't, "Let me go write a nice review."

One client who provides service to the Dallas-Fort Worth area wanted a new website to professionally represent their company and to rank well in their local area.

We provided a new design and site, implemented a local SEO plan that included a platform that enabled their customers to easily review their company and post those reviews to the appropriate city pages we created for their site.

Local reviews map

Before: a handful of good reviews per year
After: 15+ positive reviews per month!

If you're keeping track that's an increase of 3600%!

Number of cities targeted: 23
New first page Google rankings: 97

Reviews search listing

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Not only is this new way of requesting customer reviews effective, but they improve search engine rankings:

  • Reviews contain keywords that future prospects will use to find a solution to their problem
  • Review pages are updated with new reviews on a regular basis which keeps them fresh with original and relevant content, user generated content
  • Reviews are managed by a third party rather than your company so they are legit and there's no way to edit or change them

This is a platform that improves your online reputation and stays on top of it. It won't ask for the review, but this platform automates the process by sending an email or SMS, collecting the review and publishing the reviews in the most sought after spots.

In about 2 months, they had 59 reviews with an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars!

Having seen first-hand that this review system works well for a few of my clients, I am making it available to others because it is the easiest, most effective way to create engaging content that ideal prospects are hungry for and powered by happy customers.

It's similar to the perpetual motion machine except its online marketing - once you get it moving, it runs itself and brings in more prospects who become customers who leave positive reviews that are then found by new prospects who are themselves in the same situation needing your service.

With light training, you and your employees:

  • Build up positive customer reviews on autopilot, so you can concentrate on running your business
  • Watch your city pages rise in search engine rankings - you may not need to worry about SEO again

Can you code your website to do this on your own? Of course, but our platform was created for businesses who don't have hard core programmers on board, plus its easy and convenient for anyone to use.

reputation management & marketing

To summarize, you get:

  • Access to an easy, effective way to request and receive customer reviews
  • Branded web pages created and hosted on your site for each city and/or region along with a map that displays pin points to represent the reviews in that area
  • Web pages are properly coded with rich snippet markup so search engines can display the average five star rating directly in the search results (enticing prospects to click)
  • Reviewers can also be directed to your Google My Business Page, Facebook Page, Yelp, Angie's List, Kudzu and other review sites
  • Customer reviews will be shared to Facebook and Twitter
  • Recommendations for posting 5 Star Reviews in strategic places within your website
  • Conversion optimization recommendations to encourage new prospects to pick up the phone and call or complete your lead form

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