Effective Pay-Per-Click Management

pay per click management

Give us just three months and we'll give you a pay-per-click campaign optimized to deliver maximum results. Beware: your website will be changed and tuned to your online audience.

Our Promise: 3 months and your PPC campaign delivers results!

  • Place a ceiling on what is spent to stay within your budget during the campaign
  • Identify which keywords bring the highest value and the most wanted response
  • Identify which ad copy brings the best click-through-rate (CTR) for each keyword ad
  • Track the campaign, review the results and then determine the next steps
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paid search management Why Us for PPC Management?
When you work with Capture Commerce on a pay-per-click campaign, you have the assurance of using a team of web professionals that delivers:

  • Results: Get results from an effective pay-per-click management campaign by utilizing all available tools.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Save money by getting better ad placement without having to increase your bid price.
  • Knowledge: Our pay-per-click consultant will optimize each area of your PPC campaign.
  • Experience: We work with multiple businesses to improve their PPC campaigns on an ongoing basis.
  • Attention to detail: We work smarter because our focus is search engine marketing - and nothing else.

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