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We are actively involved in the search engine/SEO community and seen plenty of algo changes through the years; so we refine our approach and process of search engine optimization regularly.

If you are or have been at the top, then you know the power of organic SEO.



"Tom is very easy to work with and takes time to explain what he is doing"

"Tom has helped us in our SEO efforts to get more traffic from the search engines and to convert more of that traffic into sales. He also helped us in our video production and distribution as well as building up our subscriber list. Tom is very easy to work with and takes time to explain what he is doing."
Joe Nichols, Owner, A&M Equipment Sales
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The SEO audit is where it begins:

  • Reveals the main problems that prevent your site from ranking well
  • Prioritizes the solution with a plan of attack
  • Makes known new opportunities to attract your target audience (not just keyword opportunities)

Keyword research - Google has evolved to a more predictive display of search results based on the intent of a search user. We recognize this along with other considerations when recommending a list of keywords for your website, business and target audience.

Link earning - Establishing your online brand as a credible source is what link earning/building is about. Links that search engines trust are where you would expect them to be for a particular industry and often the link itself brings quality traffic as well.

Google penalty and/or link removal - We'll evaluate if your site has been impacted by an algorithm update or if a manual penalty has been applied. In some cases your link profile must be evaluated and cleaned up by removing or disavowing specific links to your site. In some cases the content of your site is considered thin or duplicate and needs to be fixed.

Content - Incorporating keywords while telling your story comes after a clear understanding of your ideal prospect. Aligned content enters into a conversation that is already going on in the prospect's mind. When a prospect gets caught up in your content because it's what she's searching for, it engages her and we often know what comes after engagement.

Competitor analysis - We seek out your top online competitors and show you what they are doing: keywords, link earning, social media, online advertising and things that make a difference.

Sharpen the saw - Based on your goal, we utilize key performance indicators to guide SEO and online marketing efforts to achieve that goal in a reasonable timeframe.

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