Get Found In Your Area With Local SEO

Local SEO is like organic SEO but it involves a few extras.

Do you know the type of content that engages people in your targeted local area? We do, especially if your prospects are influenced by positive customer reviews.

Reputation Marketing
Our customer reviews platform is deadly effective; it makes the process of acquiring reviews easy and a seamless part of your normal customer interactions and the best part: positive customer reviews come flowing in. We see a much higher reviews to requests rate than the average business who ask for customer reviews. Our clients get great local search engine rankings from this feature alone.

local map of customers

You probably won't see high rankings if your customers review your business just on the popular review sites like Yelp. There's something special about our customer reviews platform that we only share with qualified prospects - so call us already.

Local Online Credibility
How much credibility does your business have in the local area? We help build local credibility online by establishing relationships with the businesses, organizations and media who influence your prospects. When influencers endorse your business, all kinds of good things come your way... including higher search rankings.

Google Maps & Places
How much exposure does your business get in the local maps and places areas of Google? Exposure in Google My Business, Bing and Yahoo Local really is important and many businesses overlook it or do not keep the info up-to-date. But prospects searching for what your business does like to find a map with pin points, phone numbers and links to websites of the local businesses in the area, because to them it's convenient.


"Tom helped us cut our Adwords bill"

"Tom helped us cut our Adwords bill by introducing us to SEO. Obviously we wanted to be found for the same keywords we were paying Google for - it took a few months to get there but it was worth it. Since then Tom has helped us engage our online audience with new content ideas, assisted with an upgrade of our site to maintain good search rank, targeted specific towns in our area, added a blog and more."
Tim Gowens, Owner, Metro Wheels

Mobile Friendly or Responsive Design
Have you made your site easy to find and use by people on a mobile phone? The mobile trend is only increasing especially for people on the go and in search of local destinations. We can make your site attractive and user friendly for mobile users. And, you guessed it, mobile friendly sites can rank higher on Google and Bing for people searching from a mobile device.

We work with home improvement companies, dentists, doctors, sometimes attorneys and other types of businesses who want to be optimized locally for multiple cities and target areas.

When you call we'll take a look at the population(s) of the city and areas you want to target, then we'll get back to you with an estimate.

Ready to talk? - Call or contact us here.

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