Conversion Rate Optimization

conversion rate optimization

The marketing funnel is a sequence of events that usher prospects from the initial touch point all the way to buying.

It begins by getting to know your ideal customer well:

  • Motivations to buy
  • Decision making process
  • The buyer's journey
  • Persona creation

"Most of my phone calls are from really good contacts"

"Most of my phone calls are from really good contacts... perfect, I should say. In fact, all of the calls this week came from really good potential buyers. Yesterday, I received a call from a female scientist who is going to South America to study bats (yes, bats)... "

Add to cart Observation - Web analytics and other tools allow us to observe how prospects use your website to get what they want and we often discover how you will get more of what you want as well.

Hypothesis - Next, we devise a plan to increase the conversion rate of your site or landing page. And, with a little programming, we test that plan with live traffic on your site to see in real time whether it improves the conversion rate or not.

Results analysis - The actual responses from the test are logged over time until it becomes crystal clear whether the plan really improves conversions or not. If so, we'll recommend that you make it permanent.

During our early discussions there are a number of things we'll seek to uncover, for instance:

  • Building trust with first time visitors
  • The unique value proposition
  • The buying process
  • Mental triggers that increase persuasiveness

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