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  • Engaged prospects are closer to buyer mode
  • Engaged prospects often want to give back for the value they received (social sharing, referrals, reviews, blogs, etc.)
  • Engaged prospects want to talk to you or they want more because you "get her"
  • Mental triggers start going off making the prospect feel comfortable about you, even to the point that she trusts you

When you have a piece of content like this that aligns well and engages your ideal prospect, it's called an asset because it has the ability to bring future benefits.

Here's an example of a lead generator asset...

One client sells and services high-end equipment to other businesses. When learning that their competitors did not provide the same kind of quality service after selling the same equipment, we created a number of resources to attract those who must service their own equipment. One resource we created was access to tech support videos to help technicians out in the field (using a mobile device).

These resources are free, solve common problems and tease users with the quality of service that comes with purchasing that equipment from my client. What's cool is people who use these resources are highly qualified leads for my client - the sales team gets hundreds of names, emails and phone numbers out of it.

It starts by understanding how your business brings in revenue. We'll:

  • Get to know your ideal customer well
  • Discover what content excites them and solves their problems
  • Learn who influences them in the buyer's journey
  • Identify keywords and landing pages that satisfy their cravings
  • Survey your customers

The marketing funnel - Next, we'll analyze your content, gaps in your funnel and sort out where each piece of content sits within the marketing funnel:

  • Top of funnel/discovery content
  • Decision making content
  • Purchase/take action content
  • Advocacy content

Options - We'll provide you with a number of options to choose from to fulfill your marketing funnel along with implementation requirements. When you decide which options and assets you want, we bring them to life!

With your goal in mind, we utilize key performance indicators to guide the content marketing effort to achieve that goal on time and budget.

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