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Tom Shivers, President

Capture Commerce understands the challenge businesses face today in trying to get ideal prospects to their site that go on to deliver business goals. We've been optimizing sites since 2000 and have seen lots of changes in Google's algorithm and the way people use websites today.

Introductions first
My name is Tom Shivers. I'm President of Capture Commerce and everything I do, I believe in creating results; I believe in earning respect. The way I create results is by outlining strategy, managing the implementation and measuring progress. I just happen to be great at online marketing and SEO with well over a decade of experience under my belt.

My knowledge and philosophy of SEO have formed over the years while working with businesses that pursue traffic from search engines to gain e-commerce sales, higher quality leads, phone calls, subscribers and brand name awareness.

My techniques are the main reason my clients have risen to the top spots in Google for their competitive keywords and untold numbers of "long-tail" keywords. My approach converts traffic into delivered business goals. My team and I produce sophisticated SEO strategies from concept to link-building implementation, social media to conversion tracking until we get optimal results. And we've done it over and over with scores of clients; take a look at some of the case studies to see what I mean.

The larger purpose:

  • I know how hard it can be to get to the top of those rankings.
  • I know that businesses need a plan tailored to their organization, rather than a cookie-cutter, full-blown plan that doesn't know (or care) who they are.
  • I know that conversion is what businesses want out of SEO, paid search, social media and all traffic sources.
  • I know today's young professionals are hungry to use their skills in my industry and I want them to get a good start to their careers by influencing them with my philosophy and values.

These are the reasons Capture Commerce does what we do. And we provide great service, regardless of your company's size. At Capture Commerce, you won't get "small service" just because you're a small business.

Step into the Way-Back Machine
When I started my first business, everything seemed to be tight. My desk was on one side of the room and my bed on the other. It was in early 2000 during the "dot com" recession, but I was so excited about what I was doing and the possibilities, that at times I couldn't sleep at night. I lay in bed dreaming with my eyes wide open. For the first time in my adult life, I felt like a kid on a wild adventure!

I had been working as a marketer for a small financial services business and had a falling out with them. When I interviewed with other companies, nothing about them excited me even though the salary and career opportunities were there. After conducting a few informational interviews with successful executives who were doing what I wanted to do, I realized starting my own business was not impossible.

Since then, my SEO consulting business has grown slowly and steadily, and the adventure continues as I work with entrepreneurs and businesses with similar dreams and bold ideas:

My flaws:

  • I'm an introvert and, although I have something to say, I don't always express it well verbally, especially when I'm meeting new people. So I usually prefer to avoid big crowds or be on stage. When I do give a public talk, I'm usually over-prepared and about to blast off, then it takes me awhile to unwind.
  • I'm impatient when I have a deadline to meet and people on my team aren't focused; that's when I spontaneously speak clearly and passionately. :)
  • I can delegate as long as the person on my team is better than I am at whatever it is. So far I've never delegated the SEO strategy for a client to anyone, but I have delegated paid search, social media and other stuff.
  • I loathe unnecessary meetings, but I love email.
  • I'm white, male and hold to conservative values like personal responsibility, Christian beliefs and free markets (I don't discriminate but disclosing this FYI).
  • From time to time, I get addicted to certain social media sites and lose track of time while there. At the moment, I'm fascinated with Empire.Kred.

Advancing the knowledge base
You might have seen my writing on some popular search marketing and Internet marketing blogs: Search Engine People, Search Engine Journal, Daily SEO Tip, MarketingProfs, Small Business Trends and many more.

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We work with only a few clients at a time.

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