Ecommerce Shopping Cart Abandonment & Checkout Analysis

Find out why customers are abandoning your shopping cart

This resource is for ecommerce stores who want to reduce abandoned carts, improve usability and close more orders that enter the shopping cart.

We analyze your checkout user experience across six checkout usability categories and score it according to 134 guidelines based on usability reviews of 6000+ checkout elements on 50 leading ecommerce sites: Home Depot, Staples, HP, Walmart, Crutchfield, Target, Best Buy, Sears, Cabela's, Apple, Costco, Dell, Amazon and 37 more.

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6 checkout usability categories we'll evaluate and score:

  • Data input - any kind of data input the customer must enter during checkout
  • Copywriting - the use and wording of text throughout the checkout process
  • Layout - the visual layout of the checkout pages
  • Navigation - the implementation of process steps, buttons, and navigational links
  • Flow - the flow between the individual process steps
  • Focus - the site's own business benefits vs. the customer's shopping experience and privacy

Here's a snippet from a scored ecommerce checkout usability review (details for each of the 134 items is not viewable in the image).

Cart checkout analysis