Revenue-Based SEO Webinar

"How To Increase Revenue From Organic SEO In 90 Days Without Keyword Research Or Creating Lots Of New Content"

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What you will learn:

  • The more keywords you go after, the more revenue you can earn, right? The answer may surprise you.

  • How to prioritize keywords that bring in revenue and quickly improve their performance

  • How to improve the click-through-rate for revenue keywords

  • KPIs to guide ecommerce SEO and online marketing efforts to more revenue

  • How to use action words to attract active buyers

  • Identifier words that get people in research mode interested

  • Why adding more content is not the best place to start to get better rankings and performance from ecommerce SEO.

  • 5 ways to get buyers engaged instantly

  • Tips to optimize internal navigation and linking

  • How to use credibility signals offsite to increase revenue

  • Use Google Search Console, Google Analytics and other tools to track and measure SEO performance

  • The most recent study reveals the top 6 reasons customers abandon shopping carts today.

  • How to identify and fix the “leaky step” in your shopping cart checkout

  • Client examples throughout and a case study at the end

  • Revenue-based SEO can change your business!

Tom Shivers founded Capture Commerce in 2000, an online marketing company based in Atlanta. Tom is a SEO professional specializing in Ecommerce SEO and has worked with scores of ecommerce stores over the years including Powerenz, Private MD Labs, A&M Equipment Sales, Oil Change and many more. He has been interviewed by or written for numerous online marketing publications: Search Engine Journal, Daily SEO Tip, Search Engine People, Small Business Trends and Small Business Opportunities.

In this free Revenue-based SEO Webinar he reveals his exact strategy to increase client revenue within 90 days.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you knew exactly how to generate more revenue from your ecommerce store?

What if you had access to a respected SEO pro with plenty of ecommerce experience show you what to do to turn things around?

Hi, my name is Tom, and those are questions that people in my circles think about.

Just imagine if you knew exactly how to hit your revenue goal. What would you do after you hit that goal?

Celebrate?! And then probably start going after even bigger dreams, right?!


The problem is online marketing and SEO can be confusing. The rules have changed and with so many ways to screw it up - it can get overwhelming for someone unfamiliar with the territory.

It’s also difficult to know who can be trusted in this area because many businesses have a “less than I expected” story about their SEO provider.

If you’ve ever felt those frustrations, then I totally understand because the majority of my clients were referred to me while dealing with these annoying issues.

Last year I was approached by an ecommerce business who had been working with an SEO person, but they wondered if she was doing everything possible to improve their search rank. Their revenue had plateaued at about $30K/month and their goal was to double that.

I found that indeed the SEO person had done many things correctly. But as I dug deeper I discovered that the site was not communicating their uniqueness effectively in the search results.

I prioritized SEO improvements based on revenue. Then, step-by-step I implemented the changes, they began ranking higher for their competitive search terms and selling more products as a result! Within 3 months the site’s revenue goal had nearly been reached.

My client's revenue nearly doubled within 3 months!

In the upcoming webinar, I’ll be revealing the steps I took to turn this ecommerce site (and others) around.

So here’s my challenge to you. Get on this webinar, and I guarantee that the same approach to SEO will increase revenue for your ecommerce store within 90 days… and from then on you’ll have a SEO strategy that will serve you forever.

Revenue-based SEO Key Results

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