Web Site Usability Testing

Usability testing

What is the purpose of your website? Every website has objectives to meet. Is your site supposed to sell products or services? Is it set up to take orders online easily or to generate leads? Are you getting your message across?

Usability testing involves a variety of methods that determine whether your objectives are being met. Every page, picture, link, contact form, e-mail address, sentence and paragraph has a designed objective to meet. Otherwise, these elements are just taking up space and probably confusing or distracting your site visitors from delivering the most-wanted response.

Most websites have both business requirements and functional requirements to meet in order to be successful. Business requirements are broad and general - like gaining the attention of your online audience to develop good prospects for your business - but have goals and specifications related to them. Functional requirements are implementation details that tell how the business requirements will be met - such as outsourcing your search engine optimization campaign to an ethical SEO firm, so that we see 10 new prospects generated each week through our website.

The website's setting involves the look and feel of the site. Some areas that should be tested are stickiness, the content, colors, unique challenges, fonts, customer service, security, forms and accessibility.

Usability testing proves whether each type of requirement and each element of the setting actively helps meet your marketing goals. If not, you may be leaving money on the table, experiencing abandoned shopping carts, or even losing business to a competitor.

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