Outsourced Internet Marketing Solution

Are you researching the possibilities of a complete and well-executed Internet marketing campaign, or deciding whether to build an in-house Internet marketing team or outsource to an Internet marketing company?

Capture Commerce is interested in helping you through the process of molding your Internet marketing strategy. As a marketing professional, you might be in one of the following stages with regard to Internet Marketing:

  • Researching Internet marketing opportunities, best practices and what SEO is all about
  • Looking to replace under-performing marketing campaigns and upgrade current marketing strategies
  • Examining whether to use an in-house or outsourced solution for Internet marketing and SEO
  • Seeking help "selling" the need for Internet marketing and SEO services to your boss

We can provide you with valuable information.

Research: Learn about our processes and services, and how we do what we do using the best practices in the industry

Replace under-performing marketing efforts: As consumers' day-to-day lives lead them more and more to the Internet, traditional advertising simply is not as effective. People use the Internet more than any other medium to research products and services. Shifting your marketing dollars to search marketing will get your website in front of prospects who are actively searching for your product or service.

Handle efforts in-house or outsource to a partner? While there are advantages to handling all of your marketing efforts in-house, they require a large investment. Successfully executing a complete Internet marketing and SEO campaign requires a combination of expertise, time and resources. Building a quality team in-house means adding at least one full-time employee, and industry salaries often top $60,000 for this type of position (a pro with a proven track record rather than someone who simply knows the lingo). We have current data on the pros and cons of each scenario, just ask.

Many companies are finding that outsourcing Internet marketing efforts can lead to better execution for a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee (there is a happy medium). Besides being less costly, outsourcing your efforts to the right vendor can give you access to an entire team of professionals - each specializing in different aspects of Internet marketing.

Need help "selling" Internet marketing and SEO to the boss: You have done the research and determined that stepping up your Internet marketing is the answer for your company.

The problem is you don't have the final say on how the budget is spent and you need to convince your boss that this is the right move. We can help you present online marketing options (using case studies and documented results) that will make it easy for the boss or board to see the advantages and the power of a well-executed Internet marketing campaign - from their perspective.

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