Campaign yields more traffic, more sales & fewer abandoned shopping carts for medical website

Medical service case study: Private MD Lab Services

The Client
Private MD Lab Services offers medical lab tests and blood testing services directly to the public, selling hundreds of blood tests for almost every condition imaginable. The company has a wide customer and prospect base, including people who know or suspect they have a disease or condition.

The Challenge
Private MD Lab Services was already heavily involved in pay-per-click search marketing but had not achieved good organic search rank for their many landing pages. Capture Commerce began working with Private MD in 2008 to provide paid search consulting, conversion rate optimization and SEO.

The company's goal: To sell more blood tests to individuals wanting STD testing, as well as other specific blood tests.

To achieve the goal, more prospects had to find the site with search terms like STD testing, blood testing, CMP blood test, early signs of HIV and anonymous STD testing. After arriving at the site, prospects had to convert to customers by purchasing a blood test at a higher rate of conversion.

The Internet Marketing Campaign
Our strategy to accomplish this goal involved paid search consulting on an as-needed basis, conversion rate optimization for specific landing pages and search engine optimization for the entire site.

One of the more challenging aspects of this project involved reducing the shopping cart abandonment rate - because completing an order required numerous steps. Capture Commerce was able to cut the number of steps involved, as well as educate the consumer along the way about each step in the process.

We also performed A/B split testing on key landing pages using Google Website Optimizer to increase conversion rates for high demand products. And we established many links from quality sites by publishing articles and press releases, deploying widgets and link exchange, and reorganizing the navigation across the entire site.

The Results
Beyond a more comprehensive site, Private MD Labs also reaped substantial benefits from their internet marketing campaign with Capture Commerce:

  • Increased organic search rank and traffic for competitive search terms by 319%
    16,268 visits from organic searches during the first half of 2008, Capture Commerce's campaign yielded 68,091 visits from organic searches during the same period of 2009.
organic seo graph '08-'09
  • Increased conversion rates for high demand products by 80%
    More than 4,400 conversions occurred during the first half of 2009, compared to roughly 2,400 in the same time period of 2008.
  • Reduced shopping cart abandonment
    From 71% in '08, our campaign brought abandonment rates down to 65.5% in 2009.
goal conversions graph '08-'09
  • Improved results from paid search campaigns by providing consulting services on strategy, developments and numerous issues impacting Private MD's site and campaign. As organic search traffic increased for converting keywords, the company decreased its spend on paid search keywords. Now the two campaigns (paid search and SEO) work well together.

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