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Knowing your customer is the basis for Internet marketing, and well-written content is its most powerful tool. Each sentence, each paragraph, each headline must engage your visitors, hold their interest and move them towards the purchase of your products/services.

But what good does well-written copy do for a website when it does not align with its online audience? How do you know what voice and tone to use with your audience? Would they respond better to a humorous approach or to just the facts? What if you really have two or even four audiences to address from the same site? The online environment's sensitivity means you must take great care in how you communicate with prospects and customers.

In addition, most websites do not make allowances for the differences visitors have in making decisions- how they go about it, whether your visitor is the decision-maker or the information gatherer and how your site lines up against others. If your website attempts to funnel visitors through your selling process rather than understanding the visitor's buying process and accommodating them with appropriate decision paths, you are leaving money on the table, your shopping cart is being abandoned and you probably lose business to a competitor. Knowing the personality of the buyer is critical in determining appropriate decision paths for your site.

At Capture Commerce, we conduct careful research to identify your online customer's motivation and attitudes, and understand their desires and fears. Then we build on that research by developing a number of personas appropriate for your business. These personas closely reflect the attitudes and behaviors of the majority of your customers.

When we have identified and understand your online customer, we focus your site on meeting their distinct needs so they deliver the most wanted response. The goal is to create an excellent customer experience on your site.

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