Oct 08 2012

Double The Effectiveness of E-commerce Newsletters

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Net-a-porter makes 32% of it’s revenues (over $1.5 million dollars per month!) off the back of email newsletters.

The Direct Marketing Association says the ROI of email marketing is as high as $43 per $1 spent. As evidenced by Net-a-porter, building up an email markeitng list can be incredibly valuable – the secret lies in how to maximise the effectiveness of your list.

Below I’ve laid out a proven tactic for lifting your e-commerce newsletter conversions. This is a trick used only by the savviest of email marketers though it is now easy enough to do that any online store can make the most of it.

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Oct 17 2011

Remarketing: Is It Right for Your Business?

Category: pay-per-click advertisingTom Shivers

An interview with Adam Berke, President of AdRoll

What is remarketing?

How does remarketing work?

How long has remarketing been around and how has this industry grown?

What are some indicators for businesses that might mean remarketing could work for them?

What are the key criteria for businesses to consider when evaluating remarketing companies?

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