Dec 21 2015

4 Ecommerce Opportunities From Yotpo’s Benchmark Report To Make You Cheer

Category: businessTom Shivers

The folks over at Yotpo shared their benchmark report on the ecommerce industry recently – based on 65 million orders and two billion dollars in transactions across 120,000 ecommerce stores.

Here are a few things that were revealed.

Which traffic channels bring quality, engaged traffic?

Average seconds on site per visit
The surprising traffic channel winner is Instagram and the surprising traffic channel losers in terms of average time on site per visit are Pinterest and Facebook. Continue reading “4 Ecommerce Opportunities From Yotpo’s Benchmark Report To Make You Cheer”

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Aug 05 2013

Marketplace Leadership Builds An Extraordinary Business

Category: businessGuest Author

Have you ever seen firms in your industry that started out, puppets-on-stringperhaps where you are, then grew into well-known brands? Do you ever wonder to yourself how they do it? Do you think it is just a matter of getting more money, having a better network or being able to connect with their audiences in a mystical, magical way?

Guess what? You can do the same thing with your brand. You can build a company that meets the needs of a particular audience, communicate it to the audience, ensure that they are able to access it, make it appear attractive and keep them coming back for more because they perceive great value in what you offer.

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Jul 22 2013

The Booming Trend of Mcommerce [Infographic]

Category: businessTom Shivers

2013 Booming Trend of Mobile Commerce

Adam Wills works at PerceptionSystem as ecommerec developer. I like to research the ecommerce market.

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Nov 19 2012

Six Black Friday/Cyber Monday Shopper Insights For Ecommerce

Category: businessTom Shivers

The folks over at Experian Hitwise put together another great webinar for marketers who want to take advantage of the 2012 Holiday shopping season with emphasis on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Experian Hitwise gives marketers a competitive advantage by providing daily insights on how 25 million Internet users around the world interact with more than 1 million websites.

Traffic surged on Cyber Monday and the day after Christmas

Continue reading “Six Black Friday/Cyber Monday Shopper Insights For Ecommerce”

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Jul 23 2012

The Rise of Tablets and Their Impact on eCommerce [Infographic]

Category: mobile marketingGuest Author

It’s common knowledge that the amount of mobile devices being used to connect to the internet has been increasing in recent years with the advent of smart phones, but what about other mobile devices? One device in particular, the mobile tablet, has become popular with U.S. consumers as not only a means to surf the web, but a way to purchase products.

The truth of the matter is that a number of businesses already know that tablet-using consumers are just the right demographic to profit from. This is evident by the numerous Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, Google and Amazon that have already put marketing strategies in place for the next five years which specifically target tablet users.

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Apr 16 2012

Google+ vs. Pinterest: Which One Is Worth Your Time?

Category: social mediaTom Shivers

The folks over at HubSpot have provided another dandy whitepaper on a topic near and dear to marketers involved in social media. I’m going to break down the high points for you in this post so you can get on with it… your social media marketing strategy.

Advantages of Google+ Continue reading “Google+ vs. Pinterest: Which One Is Worth Your Time?”

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Feb 21 2012

How Women Spend Time & Money Online

Category: conversion rate optimizationTom Shivers

An old school of thought says that making it pink – whatever it is you’re selling – will automatically make it appeal to females. Thankfully, the folks at Mediative decided to study the purchasing power of women who use the internet, rather than just hazard a guess. They wanted to know who these women are, what they do, where they go and which trends are essential to online marketing success.

What they found were three distinct categories – young women, professionals and digital moms – each with unique needs and habits.

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Feb 13 2012

Website Localization: Achieving Global Online Success

Category: local search marketingTom Shivers

By its global nature, the Internet provides an easy point of access to consumers worldwide. Many companies online have used the Internet’s reach to target foreign markets and have achieved international success. The opportunities that are available to companies online on a global scale are abundant, but challenges exist in successfully penetrating foreign markets. The primary challenge is that of localization, the process through which content is translated and made relevant for an audience encompassing cultural, social and legal norms.

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Dec 14 2011

Does Mobile Advertising Live Up to the Hype?

Category: mobile marketingTina Riemer

If you’re in a developed country and have at least a tenuous grasp on current computing trends, you know that mobile advertising is hot, and getting hotter by the minute.

A whitepaper from Yahoo, “Mobile Internet – Delivering on the Promise of Mobile Advertising,” addresses some great questions about this up-and-coming medium:

  • Will brands realize the full potential of mobile in 2012?
  • What are current mobile user preferences and patterns?
  • Is mobile advertising effective?
  • How are people using tablet PCs?
  • What are some opportunities and best practices for mobile advertisers?

Continue reading “Does Mobile Advertising Live Up to the Hype?”

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Oct 10 2011

Top SEO Skills for Today and Beyond

Category: organic seoTom Shivers

This article is intended for SEOs who want to stay fresh, but others may find it useful as well:

  • Companies hiring for a web project
  • SEOs on the job hunt
  • Businesses who want to do better with SEO

Continue reading “Top SEO Skills for Today and Beyond”

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Sep 26 2011

Online Conversion With Matt Williams

Category: conversion rate optimizationTom Shivers

An interview with Matt Williams of No Possum Consulting

  • What challenges do businesses face today with online conversion?
  • You’re really competing with yourself, not your competitors
  • Classic book on entering the shopping cart: “Don’t Make Me Think”
  • Shopping cart abandonment
  • ROI for online conversion is usually high and on going
  • Increase your traffic, optimize your conversion process, up selling and cross selling opportunities
  • Where do you invest your $1000?
  • Forecasting is key

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Sep 02 2008

Use Twitter for Brand Management and Market Research

Category: social mediaJon Davis

What if finding out what your customers are saying about your service or product was as easy as typing in your company name or product into a search bar?  Once searched, you met with real customers talking in real time about your company and products.  With Twitter this is possible.  Using the search tool for Twitter, you can search all the Tweets made by every user in the Twitter network in real time.  This can be a very powerful tool for your company to leverage in managing your brand online.  Imagine that your company rolls out a new product and you want to see how it is being received by the public.  Simply search Twitter for the name of the product and see if people are talking about it.  If people are talking on Twitter about it you will see in real time what they are saying.  If your customers are having any problems with the product you will know right away and can send them a message as to how best solve their problem.  You Continue reading “Use Twitter for Brand Management and Market Research”

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