Jul 16 2012

Why Your Boss Should Not Ban Facebook

Category: social mediaTom Shivers

Breaking Down Negative Perceptions of Social Media

Many people think that social media tools are a time drain, with resultant decrease in productivity. A recent study commissioned by Google and conducted by Milward Brown has found this way of thinking to be totally inaccurate. In fact, social media tools have increased the level of productivity substantially and those who make active use of social media in their jobs have not only found themselves to be more productive, but their bosses have noticed as well. Of professionals surveyed, 86% who actively used social media as part of their work strategy had recently been promoted.

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Nov 28 2011

LinkedIn: The Business Intelligence Gathering Social Network

Category: social mediaTom Shivers

An interview with Sherry Hyle of Concept Hub

Considering all the social networks available today, LinkedIn isn’t usually at the top of the list. Should LinkedIn be at the top of the list for certain businesses and individuals?

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Oct 12 2011

Social Media Crunch Time

Category: social mediaGuest Author

Few organizations have the resources for a full-time dedicated employee to handle emerging trends like social media. For most, it falls into the purview of an already totally slammed communications department…or single communications person. Either way, it’s a social media time crunch.

Have no fear. Your organization, no matter how resource-strapped can engage in social media successfully. Here’s how.

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Sep 12 2011

The Growth of Social Media [infographic]

Category: social mediaTom Shivers

The infographic covers:

  • A users timeline
  • Social media visitor growth
  • facebook
  • twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Flickr
  • Wikipedia
  • Companies using social media
  • The World

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