Jun 14 2011

What is “Sticky” Content?

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So what exactly makes content “sticky?” Are we talking some type of adhesive or is it more of a gel? In the online world, sticky means good things…particularly when you’re talking about content. When it comes to the Internet, “people go online for hard facts and information,” says Enzo Cesario, Chief Creative Officer of Brandsplat. “But if you can make those hard facts and information entertaining in some way, you’re one step ahead.” Sounds simple enough, but as Enzo goes on to discuss in his recent Capture Commerce interview, creating pass-along content is much easier said than done.

There isn’t much of a difference between “sticky content” and “infotainment” – both do the same job. Infotainment requires that you “start with the premise that nobody really cares about a product or service…and [if you] approach your marketing efforts as such, you will soon see that your main goal is pretty simple; to just get people to like you/your brand/your product/your service.” This is very literally true in the cases of social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter that allow your clients to tangibly express affection for your product by Liking or Following your brand.

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