Jul 13 2015

SEO Website Evaluation [Infographic]

Category: organic seoTom Shivers
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SEO Website Evaluation Infographic

Have a SEO pro evaluate your website

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Jan 12 2015

SEO Checklist Infographic

Category: organic seoTom Shivers

This infographic illustrates the points in my recently updated whitepaper, SEO Checklist for Beginners – download it here.

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Oct 01 2012

5 Mistakes of Bad Promotional Infographics

Category: contentGuest Author

What was once a brilliant communication tool has now been fed to the digital marketing rubes, who lack the creativity to even choose a relevant topic for their infographic, let alone arrange the data they have into a compelling design. A lot of bad promotional infographics seem to make the same mistakes, but they all stem from the fact that a lot of marketers aren’t willing to put in the time or the effort required to generate good content that people actually want to click on and share.

If I sound a little harsh on the “creators” of these bad infographics, it’s only because it irks me when uncreative, lazy people try to capitalize on the success of insightful people who are willing to do the hard work necessary to create something great. You can avoid falling into the former category by not making the following mistakes. Continue reading “5 Mistakes of Bad Promotional Infographics”

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