Aug 17 2015

15 Legit Ways of Building an Email List That Delivers

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Data shows that over three quarters of consumers chose email as their preferred mode of communication with brands they patronize. 81% of US shoppers are likely to buy more – both online and offline – as a direct consequence of emails based on their past buying behavior. In fact, 28% of shoppers who receive promotional emails weekly actually would like to receive such emails more often! Clearly, this is one high ROI marketing tool.

But before you head over to your email database and start firing out round after round of promotional emails, wait a minute.

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Mar 09 2011

Building an Email List for Your Business or Industry

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The internet has opened up new opportunities for business and building an email list can be one of the ways that it can be utilized. Growing the email list can help a business expand its connections and continue to move down the path of success.

Simple Tips for Growing an Email List
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