Aug 26 2008

Use Twitter for Customer Service

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In our first post about Twitter we looked at how Whole Foods is using Twitter to run promotions.  Now we will look at some companies that are using Twitter as another means of customer service.  The interesting part is people are finding that often Twitter is the best way to communicate with large companies whose customer service tends to lack at times.  Comcast for instance has found Twitter to be a great way to better address their customers concerns and issues.  The most famous situation involving customer service and Twitter involves Comcast and TechCrunch blogger Michael Arrington.  Frustrated that his service had been out for hours Arrington eventually lost his cool and began angrily Twittering his frustrations.  Within 20 minutes of his Twitter activity he was contacted by a Comcast executive and his problem was resolved.  It is true that Arrington is an influential person and this could have helped his cause but everyday Comcast is helping plenty of lesser known customers as well.  According to Comcast they receive millions of calls a day from customers looking for help.  Conversely, the Comcast team of around 10 that manages Twitter and other social networks helps just about 100 customers a day.  The Comcast representatives managing the Comcast Twitter account are consequently better able to address the problem as well as give a quick solution.

Many other large companies have also begun to use Twitter as a means of addressing customer service.  Southwest Air, Home Depot, and Dell are just a few.  Are your customers on Twitter?  If you operate on the West Coast the chances are yes.  If not, to find out simply use the Twitter search tool and type in your company’s name and products.  Maybe even some potential customers are out there.  Try searching for some of the services you provide.  If you find some people out in the Twitter universe talking about your company or services, join the conversation and just watch how much they appreciate the personal contact.

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