Mar 19 2012

Web Design Trends of Late

Category: generalGuest Author

It has just been a couple months since the 2012 marker, and some patterns have made themselves very obvious with the way designers have planned their work. Indeed, many of them are just like the previous year, so it seems like 2011 and 2012 may not be too different. Of course, there are still some small changes to be seen.

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Feb 27 2012

How Businesses Prepare Now for the Coming Economic Spring

Category: businessTom Shivers

An interview with Lee Huffman, CEO of Professional Development USA and The Business Catalyst

Lee has launched over a dozen successful businesses ranging from low tech to high tech. He has executive experience at the Fortune 100 company, Hewlett-Packard Company and lead several teams who launched businesses while at HP including the Electronic Commerce Operation. Lee sat on the Internet’s W3C committee. He has been a business coach and executive coach since 2003. He is a founding partner in the John Mawell Team of Leadership Coaches. He mentions these accomplishments not to “impress” but to “impress upon” that we can all architect the life.

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Aug 24 2011

Essential Elements to Launching a Successful Startup Company

Category: businessGuest Author

During the dot-com era we saw startup companies emerge, expand rapidly, and deflate just as quickly. While startup companies continue to be major players in our economy, we have hopefully learned some important lessons from the mistakes of the past. Startup companies are still thought to be primarily rapid growth, technology focused enterprises that fill some sort of unique niche in the marketplace. These ventures are attractive to both investors and potential founders because one can establish and grow their business with limited amounts of capital, labor, and tangible assets. Reach too far, too quickly or neglect important business practices, however, and a startup can revert from a success to a failure practically overnight. It is through a marriage of innovative thinking, smart business sense, and an understanding of startup company law one can launch, nurture, and protect their entrepreneurial efforts.

We can all agree that every successful startup must begin with innovative thinking, but founders do not necessarily need to reinvent the wheel, either. Some of the most profitable startups are refinements and expansions of already existing goods or services. Facebook is a perfect example. It is built upon the very simple and traditional concept of a campus facebook or lookbook and has online predecessors such as Classmates, Friendster, and MySpace. Facebook is neither a carbon copy of these ideas nor completely independent of them, yet it is also its own distinct entity which has revolutionized the way we communicate with each other, do business, and learn about the world. The foundation of most successful startups is an original concept that drew inspiration from existing ideas and transformed them into something unique that people will respond to enthusiastically.

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Jul 03 2008

Dwight from “The Office” vs. The Company Website

Category: generalJon Davis

What does a salesman do when his company sets up a new, well-designed, user friendly website that allows their customers to bypass the sales department and order products all by themselves? Well, if you are Dwight from the popular NBC show The Office you “carb-up”, fight back and challenge the website to a contest to sell the most products.

This episode hilariously illustrates the results that implementing a website as a selling entity can yield. Dwight is forced to overcome the many inherit advantages that a website possess over the traditional method of selling. The website can serve multiple people at the same time, it can serve people coast-to-coast or even globally, can give the consumer every bit of information about every product, the website never needs to take a break, etc.

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