May 20 2010

In Search of a Conversion Based Web Design Company

Category: conversion rate optimizationTom Shivers

two agendas - one conversionThere are many aspects of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) that SEO Companies address effectively: testing headlines, the call to action, content, images, etc. But, there is an aspect of CRO that SEO firms don’t address well: web design.

This element can make a big difference to increase conversions, but most web developers and businesses are not aware of it.

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Jun 26 2008

Recognizing the Value Beyond the Click to Conversion

Category: conversion rate optimization,generalJon Davis

The Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association (AiMA) held their monthly meeting last night. The topic of the night: recognize the value of online marketing efforts beyond the simple click to conversion metrics that are so common in our industry. The truth of the matter is search is responsible for much more business than it gets credit for in traditional models, it’s extremely important as a branding tool and it can be used as a powerful tool to track offline marketing efforts.

For instance, when someone performs a search and finds a product they would like to purchase they may not necessarily purchase the product online, they may actually go to the store and buy the product but the search they performed online does not get credit for the sale. The importance of leveraging search engines for branding is also something that is very difficult to measure but has a major impact on how people view a company’s product. Seeing a company at the top of the search results creates a trust for the brand. Also, analyzing website statistics can be a great way to test whether or not an offline mailing, radio ad, TV commercial, etc. was effective at driving traffic to the site and increasing purchases.

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