Apr 02 2012

Building Blogger Relationships for Effective Marketing

Category: bloggingGuest Author

When promoting a product, you use all the usual mediums – Facebook, TV, magazine ads, Twitter – but have you used a blog? I don’t mean a business blog that you personally maintain, but someone else’s blog? If not, it’s a marketing path that is worth considering.

“We see blogger outreach as the opportunity to leverage influencers and connect with a new audience. We recognize that there are conversations happening in the blogosphere that are applicable to the brands we represent and we believe it’s valuable for our brands to join the discussion.” – Technorati.com

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Mar 12 2012

Outbound vs. Inbound Marketing: 3 Findings From HubSpot’s Survey

Category: internet marketingTom Shivers

The folks over at HubSpot surveyed nearly 1000 marketing professionals in January 2012 and found some interesting things about inbound and outbound marketing.

Just so you know outbound marketing refers to marketing designed to interrupt and push prospects so you can sell them: trade shows, direct mail, telemarketing, etc.

Inbound marketing refers to marketing designed to interest prospects who are more qualified, pull them toward a business and allow them to make contact when they are ready: social media, SEO, blogging, content marketing, etc.

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Jan 09 2012

How To Pitch Article Ideas to Bloggers

Category: bloggingGuest Author

Pitching article ideas to bloggers is the same as pitching to magazine editors. You have to be professional and engaging. If you fail to accomplish these two things in your pitch, it will be deleted without being read.

There are six ways you can write a stellar pitch, one that will compel any blog owner to request your work.

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Jan 03 2012

Does SEO Support Marketing or Does Marketing Support SEO?

Category: organic seoTom Shivers

It’s interesting how many businesses act like Does your marketing make the mark?SEO is in a different department than marketing… “oh that’s IT.” This is a real problem for people who implement SEO because the expectation is often: “go do your technical thing to get our site ranking but don’t expect any help from us, that’s your job.”

This kind of thinking might have worked out fine a few years ago but today the search engines treat sites that don’t engage as not so useful – and that impacts search rank. “But it’s just a program, how could it know what’s engaging or not?” Oh my friend, the algorithm is a program, but don’t be naïve, that’s not all search engines have at their disposal to evaluate and rank sites today.

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Dec 05 2011

Business Development: Using Technology to Build Relationships

Category: businessTom Shivers

An interview with Will Hinton, serial entrepreneur and networker.

Will was a member of the startup team for nationally-distributed magazine, Paste Magazine; he is owner of SiteBrew, a web development company, and the webmaster at Manhattan Associates.

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