Sep 30 2010

Using Video to Increase Website Traffic

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by Mark Baartse

There is no doubt that video has become one of the most popular mediums on the internet. With Google’s YouTube and other incredibly high traffic video sharing sites online, using it to bring some of that traffic to your website is a must.  YouTube search is used more often than Bing and Yahoo! Combined!  If you haven’t started using video in your marketing plan, it’s time to start – otherwise you’re missing a huge bucket of potential website visitors.

How Do I Create a Video?
Most people put off creating a video because they don’t know where to start.  Fortunately, there are many options out there suitable for the technically inclined through to the more video challenged.  The best part is, you don’t need to be an Oscar winning actor to put together a simple video.

Depending on your product or service, get out your camera and make a short video explaining what you do or what you are selling, or do a product demo. The cheap flip video cameras make this a breeze.  If you don’t think you can do it, find a friend or someone who would love to have their face seen all over the world.

Maybe you sell many physical products through an e-commerce site and don’t know how to put together a video about them.  Take a few of the product pictures and upload them to a site like Animoto.  It will take all your pictures, let you pick some music – and put them all together into an amazing montage.  You can even add text easily onto some of the pictures. There’s other services like ScreenToaster which allow you to record your screen with a voice over and upload it to YouTube all in 10 minutes without installing any software.

How Do I Upload My Video?
Then, once you have your video finished, be sure to upload it to more than just YouTube.  Use a service like Tube Mogul which helps you with your video marketing efforts by distributing it to dozens of video sharing sites all over the internet.

Once you have your video uploaded and live on the internet, you can easily get code to embed it into your own website.  Even if you have an ecommerce site with a shopping cart set up, it can be done.  Some of the better shopping carts, such as Interspire, will let you embed your video with the code from a video sharing site right into the product pages.  Having a video of product options or features right in the shopping cart can excite the potential buyer and motivate them to get out their wallet. This can help increase conversions.

Increasing Traffic
So how does this help increase traffic? A few ways. First, by having videos in YouTube and other popular sites, you can put links back to your site in the profile, in the video description and in annotations in the actual video, and encourage people to click and visit your site.

Second, if you embed the video in your site, you can also add a transcript of the content to the page. This will produce some nice long tail content which will help attract Google & other search engines. As an added bonus, some SEOMoz analysis suggests that content that contains images and videos on average attracts significantly more links than just plain text alone.

It is time to start thinking outside the box using this medium to bring more website visitors directly to your site.  The internet is full of videos of products that people are selling, so make sure you get yours out there too.  The more eyes that see your product, the more potential buyers you will have.

Mark Baartse runs Shopping Cart Reviews, the leading shopping cart information website.

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