Sep 02 2008

Use Twitter for Brand Management and Market Research

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What if finding out what your customers are saying about your service or product was as easy as typing in your company name or product into a search bar?  Once searched, you met with real customers talking in real time about your company and products.  With Twitter this is possible.  Using the search tool for Twitter, you can search all the Tweets made by every user in the Twitter network in real time.  This can be a very powerful tool for your company to leverage in managing your brand online.  Imagine that your company rolls out a new product and you want to see how it is being received by the public.  Simply search Twitter for the name of the product and see if people are talking about it.  If people are talking on Twitter about it you will see in real time what they are saying.  If your customers are having any problems with the product you will know right away and can send them a message as to how best solve their problem.  You can even set up a personalized system that can alert you via email if someone Tweets about your company using Tweet Scan.

Want to find out what people are saying about competitors? Try typing in some of your biggest competitors and see if there might be something you could use to your advantage.  Find out what people like or don’t like about their products or services.  Find out what they are doing that their customers are responding well to and consider implementing it in your efforts.

Even if you can’t find someone talking about your company or services today the chances are in the future you will.  Your company needs to be prepared for the day when Twitter is even more widely used then it is now.  I would strongly encourage you to at least go to Twitter and sign-up your company with a handle (Twitter account name) that will protect your brand in the future.  You wouldn’t want someone to use your company’s name as their handle and spread bad or unauthorized information.  When creating your account you can even modify your account page to have the same feel and color scheme as your website.

If you think that Twitter could help your business but think you might need a little help setting up your account and using Twitter to its full power just contact us and we’ll help get you set up.

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