Jun 07 2011

Twitter is a Lousy Sales Tool

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Capture Commerce recently had the pleasure of speaking with Enzo Cesario, resident online brand expert and Chief Creative Officer at So Cal’s Brandsplat. Enzo had some interesting thoughts concerning brand marketing in the digital age, and he pulled no punches when addressing Twitter as a marketing component. As it turns out, Twitter is a lousy sales tool. Here are a few ways you can maximize your online branding strategy without Tweeting until your fingers fall off…

Remember that Twitter alone won’t sell: As Enzo puts it, “From snake oil salesmen of the wild west, and even as far back as the Senate of ancient Rome, people have always pitched their wares in a public space.” This means that Twitter is in no way a sensational information dispenser, just a new medium. It’s hard not to feel like you’re doing some good by constantly talking about your brand on Twitter, but remember that essentially yelling about your product won’t get it done. Enzo hates when clients ask him “how to get more followers on Twitter,” as getting followers is such a small part of a bigger issue. The real money comes in engaging customers, not just beating them over the head with the same message.

So, what does a good social media campaign look like? The best social media branding comes when your content is “the hub and [feeds] into Twitter, Facebook, a blog, a video, a rich media banner.” To have an effective campaign, all types of social and online mediums need to be tapped into – don’t forget how people are interacting with the web. They’re going to more and more websites each visit and they only come back when “you can make those hard facts and information entertaining in some way.” The best campaigns are unique, entertaining and have a “pass-along value,” that is, some quality that makes web users want to naturally pass and link to it.

Promote only quality, sticky content: When you’re creating a campaign, it should center around the idea that the only content worth creating is that people actually want to read. If it’s not “offering something that nobody else offers,” what’s the point? No one will come to or link to your site if it’s got the same information every other site has, so work hard to come up with something worth the time to read. This is a tough sell on Twitter, but that’s why it works so well as a supplement to other types of media where you’ve got more room to say what you need.

Twitter shouldn’t be used as a primary online marketing tool, it’s simply a great way to round out an otherwise interesting message. More and more, Twitter “means using your creativity to say something that hasn’t been said before in an interesting way,” so think about how you can use those 140 characters to reinforce your brand, and hammer your message home in a new, mesmerizing way. Remember, sticky content is the holy grail of online marketing.

So, what exactly is sticky content? (Part 2, next week)

Enzo Cesario is the online brand specialist and Chief Creative Officer of Brandsplat, a digital content agency located in Southern California. Brandsplat creates blogs, articles, videos and social media in the “voice” of our clients’ brands. We develop content for our clients with the intent of getting them noticed and helping their search engine rankings grow organically.

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