Feb 16 2011

New Twitter App: Buffer – A smarter way to Tweet

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Do you know the great feeling you get, when you cleaned up your office or desk? When everything is neat and tidy and everything you do now will come nice and easy? Then let me introduce you to a tool, which will give you a similar feeling, just when you are online.

By making use of Buffer for your twitter account, you will have tweets planned out for a consistent timeline on twitter. When you have all the buzz and notifications coming in, you can still be sure to always keep your followers posted with great updates.

How does Buffer work?

Buffer is very different from existing tweet scheduling functions, such as Hootsuite’s, Social Oomph’s or CoTweets’. Instead of scheduling each individual tweet, you can save that step and make the whole flow more intuitive for you to optimize your twitter efforts.

After your account is created, get started by setting the times of when your tweets go out. You can add additional timeslots, your bit.ly details or another team member to collaborate with you. It is also very handy that you can add additional twitter accounts, without setting up another Buffer account.

The Browser Extensions

Installing the Chrome extension or any other Browser extension that is available is also quite handy. It allows you to add tweets to your Buffer right there from any browser. Whenever you like something, you can hit the Buffer icon and add to your Buffer. You can choose to either edit the tweet like we did below or add to Buffer right away with the suggested text from the application.

A topped up Buffer

Once your Buffer is topped up with tweets you can always go back to your Buffer account and edit the tweets or move them around so they go out at the times you want them too. The interface is very intuitive and lets you just drag tweets from one place to the next.

How to best use Buffer?

By making Buffer part of your browsing routine, you will be able to create a consistent stream of content for your followers on twitter. Alongside reading posts or watching videos, you give it one click on the Buffer icon, if you think this content is worth sharing. This means no extra effort for you, yet you let your followers know, which great sources of content you came across.

Getting the great feeling of a topped up Buffer that will keep your followers posted with updates in the coming hours or days is just something you should try. After you have been using Buffer for a while, always topping up with another tweet, whenever an article is useful, your twitter efforts will be highly optimized.

Just give it a try and see for yourself. It’s free.

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Leo Widrich writes for Buffer.

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