Aug 06 2009

What’s the future of marketing c.2009?

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Online marketing/advertising has been rushing toward audience engagement where relevant intent of that audience trumps massive traffic from a less defined audience. When relevant intent and motivation meets the clearly defined solution, something beautiful often happens… engagement.

This can happen within almost any online medium (social media sites, webisodes, banner ads, iPhone apps, email); it boils down to knowing the target audience and is supported by a well defined and interpreted (for each audience) unique value proposition.

Some things that can come from engagement include real relationships, good testimonials, word of mouth, even loyalty and viral marketing.

What is the future of marketing?
Marketing is evolving for big brands and small ones to become a place where advertisers and prospects collaborate, experiment, give more, help each other, play, get personal, get honest, participate and listen – a slideshare presentation by Paul Isakson.

Seth Godin on the tribes we lead (TED video)
The way ideas spread and change everything is done by leading. What model works today? Not the old push advertising model (i.e. spamming), but tribes: leading and connecting people and ideas. Tribes are everywhere, now people on the fringes can find each other and connect. You don’t need everyone, just a thousand perhaps. It’s not about mass marketing, but finding the true believers. Tell a story to people who want to hear and then lead a movement.

Tomorrow’s Marketers
In the world of marketing, a generation of superstars are about to take the field. Although they are maturing, here are some of the characteristics of today’s teens:

  • 75 percent of teens believe TV advertising is an appropriate way to reach them
  • In-game ads don’t necessarily bring them to buy
  • Though 90 percent of teens text, 90 percent disapprove of advertisers texting them with product messages
  • Twitter may not be the killer app for marketers
  • Teens don’t give a crap about your brands — but they will give a crap about your brand’s story
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