Feb 06 2012

Facebook Marketing Strategy: What Does It Really Look Like?

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An interview with Sherry Hyle of Concept Hub

Every business wants to get involved in Facebook today, probably because it is the most popular social media site, but how are businesses missing the boat when it comes to integrating Facebook into their business?

  • Not being involved in Facebook on a personal level can cause the content you push out to not be in alignment with your fans or followers.
  • People on Facebook love to be educated, “in the know,” entertained, inspired, highlighted and they love customer service.

How are successful businesses using Facebook?

  • Outback’s entertaining updates, make you think “Wow, I like Outback.”
  • Oreo’s highlights their fans who post pictures with their product.
  • Some B2B company’s highlight their customers as “expert of the week.”
  • Non-profits share their inspirational stories.

Have the recent changes at Facebook made it a good place for marketers?

  • Yes and no
  • Timeline has been optional but soon it will be mandatory.
  • Unless you jigger with your newsfeeds, they only tell you the highlighted stories based on EdgeRank (things that get more interaction), so if your Facebook page updates don’t get much interaction they won’t show up in user timelines.
  • If fans are interacting with your page, that shows up in the ticker which gives opportunity for more viral response.
  • When you allow applications that utilize Facebook’s open graph, it’s not clear that you are sharing your actions with everyone on that application. So, marketers need to make it clear and decide how much they want to take advantage of that. There have been privacy complaints with this.

Why did you write the Comprehensive Guide to Today’s Facebook?

When starting a Facebook strategy with a client, I often have to back peddle and share lots of basic information on how to get going there. It was designed to help companies answer the question, “What does a Facebook strategy really look like?”

In a previous interview Sherry explains how to use LinkedIn for business intelligence gatherging.

Listen to the full facebook strategy interview…

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3 Responses to “Facebook Marketing Strategy: What Does It Really Look Like?”

  1. Sherry Heyl says:

    Thanks for your continued support Tom

  2. Ileane says:

    Hi Tom, that was a great interview with Sherry. It’s interesting to know how some of the big brands are managing their Facebook pages. I’m glad she shared those tips. It’s nice to have someone we can rely on to keep us updated with Facebook marketing strategies. Thanks.
    Ileane recently posted..What if I Were To Say To You, Size Doesn’t Matter?My Profile

  3. Facebook Marketing says:

    Thanks for this article.

    I’d like to add something: Facebook Ads is today a unique and wonderful tool for marketers.
    You can choose an age range, the sex, the groups people are in, etc… Your ad will be displayed only to specific personns.

    Facebook Ads is really an alternative to Adwords.