Mar 31 2015

The #3 Ecommerce Rule

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Here’s an excerpt from my webinar: Revenue-based SEO for Ecommerce

Identify traffic sources and keywords with the most impact on KPIs and revenue.

In Google Analytics, go to Acquisition > All Traffic > Channels. But if you have Google Analytics Ecommerce setup for your store you will see revenue for each channel and more detail about which keywords brought in revenue.

This is useful when organizing keywords and naturally leads to prioritizing keywords based on revenue.

  • Converting keywords that rank well
  • Converting keywords that do not rank well
  • Newly discovered keywords that convert
  • Keywords that rank well but do not convert

You’ll need to deal with Google’s (not provided) issue:

  • Keyword traffic from Bing/Yahoo is provided
  • Adwords keywords are provided
  • There is a (not provided) work around that displays the URLs that brought the keyword traffic
  • Google Analytics > S.E.O. > Queries
  • Google Webmaster Tools > Search Queries

After identifying keywords with purchase intent that are not ranking well, it’s best to evaluate that listing in the search results to see if it’s engaging enough to be clicked.

Next, improve the relevance and click-through-rate for those keywords:

  • Add a form of the keyword to the title tag if possible
  • Add action and identifier words to the title and/or description tag

If there’s interest in attending this webinar, I’ll do it again. Until then, you can download my ebook: Revenue-based SEO for Ecommerce.

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12 Responses to “The #3 Ecommerce Rule”

  1. Sunday says:

    Hi Tom,
    An interesting ecommerce rule – I mean this number 3 – “Identify traffic sources and keywords with the most impact on KPIs and revenue.” The details are practical and I guess the other rules no highlighted would be practical as well.

    Anyways, I have just downloaded the ebook and hopefully would get more insights relating to identifying relevant traffic sources from keywords!

  2. Carrie-Anne Foster says:

    Excellent insights, Tom! I’m currently working through the SEO muck (as I call it), and this was very helpful!
    Carrie-Anne Foster recently posted..Why You Need To Conduct A Content AuditMy Profile

  3. Tom Shivers says:

    Thanks Carrie!
    Tom Shivers recently posted..SEO Checklist For BeginnersMy Profile

  4. Ashley says:

    Very interesting Tom
    You have a good process there and I enjoyed seeing how you attack SEO to improve rankings and conversion, both of which are obviosly important.
    Let me know if you are doing this again, in the AM (otherwise I am usually asleep) would be interested in seeing more.
    We could also have a chat sometime and swap experience.
    Ashley recently posted..Mobile D-Day is Coming – Is Website Your Ready? (Or Will It Drop Massively In Google)My Profile

  5. Tom Shivers says:

    Awesome Ashley, it’d be great to swap experiences.
    Tom Shivers recently posted..SEO Checklist InfographicMy Profile

  6. metz says:

    Hi Tom, the 5 minute video you have shared an informative idea about the eCommerce rule.

    Key Performance Indicators or KPI, for Ecommerce, cart/checkout abandonment is one of the more important metrics to watch for — lowering that percentage leads to more revenue.

    I totally agree that using this rule will help you convert keywords well and so on.

    Additionally, I must say, don’t just track KPIs for no good reason, you’ll lose sight of the bigger picture and lose track of the goals that matter.
    metz recently posted..How to: Blogging with a Day JobMy Profile

  7. Tom Shivers says:

    Hi Metz, in this post/video I only cover the #3 Ecommerce Rule, there are more than 3 🙂
    Tom Shivers recently posted..Search Behavior Signals That Impact SEO & ConversionMy Profile

  8. Richard Martin says:

    Hi Tom.

    Interesting video. Always good to see a different aspect of SEO. Thanks Tom.
    Richard Martin recently posted..My Name Is Richard And I’m A CheatMy Profile

  9. Lawrence Berry says:

    Great video. Im not really that big into SEO, so it is always insightful when I see or read from someone more knowledgeable share there knowledge on the matter. I think targeted keywords are a great way to get more leads and traffic, but you have to be creative when it comes to what keywords you use. This a great video that shows how to identify keywords that can impact revenue and KPI
    Lawrence Berry recently posted..11 Things You Can Do To Help You Become a MillionaireMy Profile

  10. Tom Shivers says:

    Thanks Lawrence.
    Tom Shivers recently posted..SEO Checklist InfographicMy Profile

  11. Siv says:

    TOM do you see good future for ecommerce startup’s, I see many sites are being closed down after 2-3 years, every time a new kid comes to the block they come with a bang of offers & suddenly they sit calm & the big players like Amazon, best buy comes to action
    Siv recently posted..GSA Captcha Breaker couponMy Profile

  12. Tom Shivers says:

    Hi Siv,
    The future of ecommerce is very good! What you described could be the natural progression of a new product – knock off competitors come in and take market share more and more each year until it’s difficult to make a profit.

    But I’ve also seen new products that have an answer for the “knock off” competitors get picked up by major distribution companies – in that case they have much bigger problems to deal with then getting traffic to their website.
    Tom Shivers recently posted..SEO Checklist InfographicMy Profile