Jan 05 2015

SEO Checklist For Beginners

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I recently updated my whitepaper SEO Checklist for Beginners to show small businesses how to get better results from search engine optimization (SEO).

Over the past year or so Google has emphasized certain factors over others when ranking web pages. For example, click through rates make a difference – can you imagine an organic search listing on the first page that does not get clicked much? It happens regularly. Do you think Google is concerned about click through rates for the top ten results for keywords? I do.

Google pays attention to how users interact with their search results like which links get the lowest bounce rates after a user clicks. The bounce rate is the rate at which a search listing is clicked and then the user returns to the search results to click on a different listing (obviously the searcher didn’t find what they were looking for with that initial clicked listing for the keyword). And if Google determines that the listing is not good for the users of that keyword, well you know what happens.

Another reason I updated my whitepaper is because SEO touches all areas of online marketing that can influence the growth of links to the site. Those who follow what Google has been doing in regard to links over the past two years are aware that acquiring links to your website can hurt or help your ranking depending on a number of things. But one thing is crystal clear, if you do not have a good strategy to bring in natural, quality links to your site, your ranking may not keep up with competitors who want your top position.

There are many online marketing activities that influence link growth like content creation, social media influence, branding, link strategies, etc. I go over this as well as a few tried and true natural link building strategies in my whitepaper. These are link strategies that I have used with my clients that work over and over in almost every market and industry.

On site content quality can be measured by how people engage and how they share the content. One sign of content engagement is user generated content like comments, ratings, reviews, discussion, etc. Another sign of content engagement is that users share the content with others via social media or email.

Each of these issues are addressed in my whitepaper… the SEO Checklist for Beginners – six ways to higher search rank and more business with SEO in 2015.

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6 Responses to “SEO Checklist For Beginners”

  1. Jeffrey Romano says:

    Well done on updating your whitepaper Tom. It’s good to see that such resources are kept up to date. Keep it up!
    Jeffrey Romano recently posted..How to make it big in your first year of blogging. A case-study approach of 5 popular bloggers.My Profile

  2. Tom Shivers says:

    Thanks Jeffrey!
    Tom Shivers recently posted..SEO Is OrganicMy Profile

  3. Carrie-Anne Foster says:

    SEO is a mystery to me. I do know about using keywords, but that’s about it!

    Your whitepaper looks great, Tom. I love the clean, easy to read look.
    Carrie-Anne Foster recently posted..Solutions To 5 Common Blogging ProblemsMy Profile

  4. Tom Shivers says:

    Thank you Carrie-Anne.
    Tom Shivers recently posted..SEO Is Organic Part 2 – Link BuildingMy Profile

  5. Andrea Beltrami says:

    Like Carrie-Anne SEO is one of the areas of website ownership that I have little understanding of. I’ve made it a goal to educate myself on the topic this year!

    It’s great to see that you’re updating your whitepaper with the latest and greatest – what I do know of SEO is that it is a quickly changing landscape that requires a watchful eye. Thanks for keeping an eye on the current practices, Tom!

  6. Tom Shivers says:

    Thanks Andrea, you’ve come to a good place to start your training 🙂
    Tom Shivers recently posted..Traffic From Google SERPs Has Changed: Heat Maps StudyMy Profile