Feb 06 2017

How To Increase Revenue From SEO Without Adding Lots Of New Content

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Now another misbelief is to get better performance from revenue keywords I have to add more pages to my site. But, revenue-based SEO says you can get higher performance from revenue keywords by prioritizing landing pages that bring in buyers and then give buyers the signals and info they want to make a buying decision.

So we want to prioritize landing pages based on revenue in a similar way that we’ve done with keywords. You want to evaluate that page; is that relevant for that keyword or keywords? So you look at bounce rate, pages per session, average session duration.

And now within Google analytic here’s a shot of this and I’m looking at all landing pages for a period of time and
I’ve ordered from the number of sessions or traffic to these landing pages and what I’ve highlighted here are
three landing pages that overall get a lot of traffic but the bounce rate you can see on the right is low I mean is
high, very high and the pages per session is very low and the average session duration is also very low.

You want to drill down and look at the traffic source to that landing page and here’s a way to get to it from google analytics, data acquisition, all traffic, channels, organic search and landing page to see it specifically from organic search traffic.

But in this instance I’m showing all the traffic sources to this landing page here and I’ve highlighted traffic from
Google and that’s really what you’re concerned about for you know bounce rate, session duration and average session
duration, things like that and for this particular landing page the traffic from Google is just fine.

But let’s say you did have a problem with your bounce rate from google, well you want to look at how to get buyers engaged on those landing pages by endorsements from reputable sources, customer reviews, adding maybe a buyer’s
guide, proven results and awards your business has earned.

All kinds of things get buyers engaged so making the content useful and interesting I love a buyer’s guide to do that. Here’s an example snippet of a buyer’s guide for my vending machine client. They have a series of questions that they go through to help figure out what type of break room situation the prospect has, challenges they’re facing in order to recommend the right product for their particular break room.

This is basically what buyers guide does, it helps people to understand their problem or circumstance or situation and what products would fit.

Also you want to get buyers engaged by adding code to display product reviews in search results and this is called
schema markup or is called rich snippet. This is what it looks like you know this is a star ratings in the search results. So a few months ago I was looking for a gaming headset in particular one by Steelseries and when I search for the product, here it was the Steelseries site is number one, but my eye was drawn to the listings that had the four star ratings because I wanted to know what other customers thought about it and how they rate it what they said about it so obviously I didn’t click on the first listing; I clicked on amazon and read those ratings. That’s what people in research mode are going to do and who knows they may go and buy it right there too.

We also want to show endorsement media coverage and proof results and these things just get buyers engaged so here’s an example of one way to do it. This is for a B2B company who are targeting other businesses. A great way to get buyers engaged if you’re a B2C is social proof, a very powerful tool for B2C.

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2 Responses to “How To Increase Revenue From SEO Without Adding Lots Of New Content”

  1. Johnathan L.S. says:

    You are exactly right. Once you already have a page on a website properly optimized and ranking, addicting additional pages won’t increase revenue. You’d make way more money increasing your conversions on page vs ranking additional pages with your current conversion rate.

  2. Tom Shivers says:

    Thanks Johnathan. Yes, click-thru-rate and average time on site are part of conversion optimization but most people don’t realize that they are also a part of SEO.
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