Feb 25 2011

Google’s “Pretty Big Algorithmic Improvement”

Category: organic seoTom Shivers


Google’s latest change to their algo is designed to reduce rankings for low quality sites and increase rank for high quality sites. Google defines a low quality site as being a low value add for users, a site that copies content from other sites or a site that just isn’t useful. Google defines a high quality site as one with original content and information such as research, detailed reports and thoughtful analysis.

Although the rollout is very early some SEO professionals have noticed some changes:

“Looks like there’s an increase in exact match domains – one step forward, six years back?” Andrew Nattan

“Have seen slight improvements on direct match and sites with unique content as they suggest. It’s slight though.” Chris Burns

Google has been working on this algo change for over a year and has lately come under scrutiny by many who have found their search results littered with content farms.

Google’s post on this algo update: Finding more high-quality sites in search

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