Jan 30 2012

Google Algorithm Changes to Expect In 2012

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An interview with Chris Burns of SERPd

Google is expected to rely less on backlinks as a way to determine the value of websites. This seems to be the theme of most of the changes we are seeing with Google’s algorithm with respect to SEO.

Google + integration is the agenda Google is pushing for since they have no deal with Facebook and have stopped Twitter integration.

Building relationships by linking out to other sites has proven to make a difference.

Citations may become more important in Google’s algo since it has worked for them with Google Maps.

Panda iterations will become closer and closer together rather than a Panda update every month or two as it has been in the past.

Chris shares about the soon launch of GuestBlogIt guest blogging.

Listen to the full interview:

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5 Responses to “Google Algorithm Changes to Expect In 2012”

  1. Painters Denver says:

    Interesting Chris. Keeping up with Google’s algo may not include the Newest Merchant Circle, recently receiving email from them. Might recommend MC visiting Serpd a little more frequently~

    Loosing 30% of their online prominence of traffic numbers, heard it was sold to another company. New company or old, either way, entire site has new look and feel, driving everyone’s company page into the ground with opposite SEO.

    Voiced my opinion, along with many others at http://getsatisfaction.com/merchantcircle/ but seems Adsense dollars are more important than proper SEO, trying to regain loses from last year. Reverse SEO, as to Ads to top of pages will not work for them, sorry to say, may find many abandoning ship.

  2. Asif Anwar says:

    This will actually make SEO process more people oriented than site oriented. And I also hope in this case, many people will get jobs.
    Asif Anwar recently posted..Archive.org’s Wayback Machine – 5 Great Use of it in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)My Profile

  3. Gospel Videos says:

    It’s getting increasing more difficult to get decent page ranking, they of course make it easier for themselves to increase their revenue from search ads whilst penalising everyone else! If you’ve got a new site where do you start?

  4. Amber King says:

    I should take note of these list. Google keeps doing this in order to provide quality information to its users. I think this is good in order to avoid getting results that are way irrelevant.
    Amber King recently posted..A Quick Look at the Different Online Marketing StrategiesMy Profile

  5. Why You Might Be Hurting Your Blog by Link Hoarding says:

    […] often curious enough to click thru and check out your site if the link doesn’t appear to spammy. Building relationships by linking out to other sites has proven to make a […]