Jun 29 2011

Get a Decision or Get Out of Marketing

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$$$ = [Desire Based Tension] + (Decision)

“If you are not relevant enough in the mind of your [prospects and] customers to get them to make a decision, then they will never ever buy.”

“Your job as a marketer… is to be relevant enough to get people to make a decision about you… one way or another. The purpose of good marketing is to get people to make a decision about you… to be a fork in the road.”

These are quotes from Clay Collins which are spot on, watch the short video below to get the full force of these statements.

A decision comes down to relevance, as Clay puts it. If we’re talking about SEO (we consult and implement SEO here at Capture Commerce) then selecting keywords is your opportunity to be relevant, it is critical.

No one selects keywords they think are not relevant, but did you consider the fact that the majority of searchers do not yet know what they want? They are simply researching to figure it out.

Keywords that work for one business in your industry may not work for yours for any number of reasons: different branding, different goals, different landing page content, different call to action, etc. Keywords should be tested for relevance and that’s tough with SEO because it usually requires a few months to get ranked. A better way to test is using pay-per-click advertising with prospective keywords to at least get your landing page content relevant for that keyword audience so you can qualify the keyword based on conversions or decisions to not buy.

Another way of saying relevance is audience engagement. Here are some steps to audience engagement via SEO:

  1. Define the business goal/s
  2. Prioritize keywords according to relevant intent, rather than potential traffic volume
  3. Prepare content that speaks directly to each motivation behind the searcher’s intent
  4. Define the unique value proposition (UVP)
  5. Deliver on (and exceed) the UVP to create loyalty

Yes, there’s more to each step.

I wish Clay Collins had just a little more passion about this topic, ha.

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