Jan 19 2016

How To Identify Converting Keywords & Revamp Your SEO

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Go to your Google Search Console account, then to Search Traffic and on to Search Analytics. Here you can see the search terms, impressions, clicks, click-through-rate and average position for each search term up to 90 days prior to the current date.

As I’m looking at all of this information, I’m trying to find the keywords that are most valuable and are ranked just off the first page of Google – with an average position greater than 10 but less than 20. What I’ve highlighted are two search terms that have a healthy number of impressions, both on the second page of Google, and most importantly, they are both purchase intent keywords.

So the question is if the site ranked on the first page of Google for this same keyword, would it bring even more traffic and make more money as a result?

When you identify a purchase intent keyword like this, let’s say you find 20-30 purchase intent keywords like this to work on, you want to look at your listing for each keyword in Google to see if the title and description is engaging enough to be clicked by your prospect or not.

It’s critical that your title and description tag work together to sell the click.

This has been an excerpt from Revenue-based SEO Secrets.

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One Response to “How To Identify Converting Keywords & Revamp Your SEO”

  1. David says:

    Thank you sounds good. Will this work, even though google applies penalties for branded keywords etc?