Dec 14 2011

Does Mobile Advertising Live Up to the Hype?

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If you’re in a developed country and have at least a tenuous grasp on current computing trends, you know that mobile advertising is hot, and getting hotter by the minute.

A whitepaper from Yahoo, “Mobile Internet – Delivering on the Promise of Mobile Advertising,” addresses some great questions about this up-and-coming medium:

  • Will brands realize the full potential of mobile in 2012?
  • What are current mobile user preferences and patterns?
  • Is mobile advertising effective?
  • How are people using tablet PCs?
  • What are some opportunities and best practices for mobile advertisers?

According to Morgan Stanley, the mobile Internet is growing faster and will be bigger than the desktop Internet has been thanks to converging technologies (think social networking and VoIP) and social adoption trends, including those new, really impressive mobile devices. And mobile penetration is growing rapidly. By 2014, Morgan Stanley predicts “more users globally will connect to the Internet over mobile devices than desktop PCs.”

Forrester Research concurs, forecasting that tablets will comprise 38% of all PC sales by 2015, outstripping desktop, notebook and netbook PCs. The revolution, in other words, is on.

So what’s the proverbial “killer app” that will mobilize consumers this time around? It’s not Angry Birds. Surprisingly, it’s good ol’ e-mail.

The folks who study this stuff have found that mobile computing is especially effective at enhancing the Internet experience, usually as a complement to PC access. Yahoo reports that 60 percent of mobile Internet users visit a site on their mobile device and later follow up from a PC. In the same vein, 86% of mobile users surf while watching TV, often searching on advertised products. Commercial breaks in TV programs appear to generate a surge in mobile Internet use as viewers discuss programs with friends or research advertised products.

Welcome to the 3-screen world

These days, consumers live 3-screen lives, navigating the world through TVs, PCs and mobile interfaces, often at the same time.

So when considering how best to integrate mobile into marketing plans, savvy marketers need remember only one mantra: Mobile  is a channel, not a strategy.

Similar to TV, print, billboards, transit, radio, online and other media, your mobile message should be an extension of the existing communications strategy, just like any other channel.

The full study by Yahoo is no longer available.

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    This is a great article! Well worth the time to read. Now we know when to target our mobile users
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    Thanks for sharing. Mobile technology makes things faster. Mobile marketing will be very effective among the users.